Mrs. Trocchio's TK Classroom

Welcome to our CAL Poly SLO TK Classroom.  My name is Kelli Trocchio and I am SLO happy to be in TK!  I have been teaching for 29 years, all grade levels, and this by far is my favorite age.  Being able to welcome our youngest learners to OPA is something I take very seriously and cherish every day!  I strive to bring the joy of learning to our littlest Champions so that they are prepared for the journey ahead of them.
I am a graduate of SDSU however my oldest is a student at CAL Poly SLO.  Their philosophy is "learn by doing" and I cannot think of a better motto for TK.   We will take this gift of time in TK to enjoy every experience and learn by doing.  For up-to-date information please refer to my Friday Folder Newsletters and Peek of the Week Ahead emails which go out every week.