OPA Champions Receive Civic Learning Pathway Awards

Congratulations to all our OPA Champions who have been awarded the Civic Learning Pathway Award by the Orange County Department of Education!

446 OPA 3rd, 5th, and 8th-grade students earned the award. This reflects 94% of all 3rd-grade, 88% of all 5th-grade, and 81% of all 8th-grade students.

The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) developed a K-8 Civic Learning Pathways awards program to recognize benchmarks toward the understanding of key content and the development of civic skills and dispositions. Certificates of recognition are awarded by OCDE to students who meet the following performance outcomes of their designated grade band:

  • Citizenship and civic dispositions
  • Understanding of the Social Studies standards/curriculum
  • Completion of a civic learning project that addresses a real-world issue and is presented to an authentic audience.

Civic learning develops informed and engaged citizens and facilitates the formation of 21st-century workplace skills and mindsets, such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and character.

Civic Engagement, a component of civic learning, is a core competency of the OPA Champion Profile. Through this, champions regularly engage in activities to make a positive difference in their community, become aware of local and global issues, and aim to improve society through service and activism.  


The purpose of the Civic Learning Pathway program is to encourage elementary and middle educators to construct opportunities for students that lead to the development of civics skills and dispositions, as well as content aligned with the State Seal of Civic Engagement.

To access detailed information on the Civic Pathways, visit the OCDE Civic Learning Website.