California Dept of Ed releases Charter School Performance Category Data File

Congratulations to both OPA-South Orange County and OPA-Saddleback Valley for receiving a performance level category rating of "High". 
Pursuant to the California Education Code (EC) Section 47607(c), as an additional criterion for determining whether to approve a charter renewal, the chartering authority shall consider a charter school's placement under the performance on the California School Dashboard (Dashboard). Under this criterion, a charter school is placed into one of three performance categories, high, medium, or low. 
With the rating of "High", OPA-SOC and OPA-SV are eligible for five-, six-, or seven-year renewal terms during their next renewal petition.
(OPA-MS is a new school for the 2023-2024 school year and does not have data yet. Due to this, OPA-MS was not reviewed as part of the performance data file and subsequently did not receive a rating.)
For additional information, visit the California Department of Education performance categories webpage: CDE Performance Categories