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OPA Intramural Sports Program


OPA believes recreational sport activities are a desirable part of a student’s educational program.  The purpose of the intramural program is to provide fun, safe and structured play experiences that promote the physical, mental and social development of every child. Our aim is to provide opportunities for every individual, regardless of ability, to participate in a sport activity that will develop skill and interest in a friendly, recreation-centered environment.

Goals and objectives: 

  1. Provide a meaningful, purposeful experience for every student regardless of ability, inability or disability.
  2. Provide an opportunity to improve health through exercise.
  3. Provide character-building growth and development opportunities through active recreation and structured classroom instruction.
  4. Provide an opportunity to develop motor skills that will be beneficial throughout life.
  5. Provide experiences that assist in the construction of a positive self-esteem.
  6. Provide an opportunity to develop sportsmanship and honesty regarding rules, officials and opponents.
  7. Provide activities that promote lifelong wellness.
  8. Have fun!
For more information, please reach out to Coach Barton at [email protected]

FALL SPORTS (5th-8th Grade)




WINTER SPORTS (5th-8th Grade)






Track (K-8th Grade)

Co-Ed Soccer (5th-8th Grade)